• Kelsey

Moments that have lasted slightly longer than this first week of quarantine

Congratulations guys! We did it! We survived the first month of quarantine/social distancing. What? It's actually only been a week? Oh no. This is never going to end is it? This is going to be the longest spring in the history of the world!

While this week has felt like an eternity, allow me to remind you of some events that have lasted even longer:

1. The microwave and/or oven cooking your dinner when you forgot to eat lunch and are ravenous.

2. The day before your birthday as a kid.

3. The time between sending a risky text and receiving a response.

4. The time between someone telling you "we need to talk" and actually getting to talk with said person.

5. The time in which you must stand in front of the class and make a presentation when you are in 7th grade.

6. The time between accidentally liking your crush's instagram post from 67 weeks ago at 2am to undoing it.

7. The sex/stripper scene on the show you are watching with your parents.

8. The Office's Scott's Tots episode.

9. The moment before the Love Is Blind cast said either "I do" or "I do not".

10. The pause between Chris Harrison saying "this is the final rose" to the Bachelor picking the last girl to receive a rose.


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