• Kelsey

International Women's Day: Celebrate Your Gal Pals

Happy International Women's Day to all the amazing women out there! To the ones I know personally and to the ones I aggressively stalk on Instagram.

In celebration of the awesomeness that is womankind, I wanted to highlight what I believe to be one of the most important things in a woman's life: her gal pals.

During the time period that would have been my college years had I not decided that going to school for something I didn't care about was a complete waste of my time, I really struggled with having a good group of girlfriends. And by good, I mean ones that wouldn't post passive-aggressive Facebook statuses that was blatantly about you or ones that wouldn't randomly decide to ghost you because of....??? (still trying to figure that one out!) No, I mean girlfriends that really care about you. They support you when life is hard, they cheer you on when you grow, they celebrate when you celebrate.

I am not going to pretend like sexism isn't real or that there aren't men out there that like to tear women down. However, other than standing up for ourselves and teaching our sons and men in our lives don't treat women similarly, we unfortunately don't have much control over it. But there is one thing we can do to help out our fellow woman: we can be kind to her.

Men have been unkind to me, of course. But you know who has historically been the meanest to me? Other women! Remember what it was like being a teenage girl? Teenage girls are horribly to one another. And then a lot of them grow up to be adult girls that are just as mean. Why do we do that to one another?

I am a jealous, insecure, self-conscious person. So when I see someone who is pretty, funny, smart, successful, I instantly feel bad about myself, jealous of her, and also a little angry at her for making me feel this way. But in reality, this girl being pretty, funny, smart, successful, what-have-you, doesn't take anything away from me. She can be all of these things, and I can too.

If we stop seeing other women as competition, we can start to celebrate them and ourselves a lot more. It's fine to want to be more like so-and-so because she is such-and-such, but when we start to see her as competition, only bitterness and resentment is going to blossom.

Back to my main point: having girlfriends who genuinely love and celebrate your unique awesomeness is one of the most amazing things in the world. It's great to know you can tell them about your struggles without them using it as an opportunity to cut you down. Or tell them about your successes without them being resentful or trying to leverage something out of it.

So whenever you see someone that makes you feel insecure or jealous: pay her a compliment. Tell your friend who just got engaged how happy you are for her. Tell your coworker who just got promoted how great she's going to do. Tell the influencer you follow that her outfit is fire. Tell your dog she's a good girl (let's face it, she definitely is).

Spread kindness to your fellow woman and find yourself some girlfriends who you can celebrate and celebrate with.


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